FDC #11: Coup d’Etat

alt="roasted bone marrow"

I have to admit, I had my doubts about Coup d’Etat. When I go out to eat in Uptown, I typically expect uninventive, overpriced food, music that is too loud for an old codger like me, or just…bad. Coup d’Etat, thankfully, broke the mold and cranked the om nom meter up to 11. Even…

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FDC Supplemental #1

I ended up eating lots of fancy meals with the various members of my duplex this month to pre-game for FDC #6 on Tuesday. Some of the highlights: Bar La Grassa: Tied for most decadent things I’ve ever eaten are a lobster and scrambled egg bruschetta, and a cauliflower and…

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