FDC #14: Heyday

Our September 2014 FDC meeting brought us to Heyday, a dirty old laundromat that was converted into a clean new restaurant. You would think that after 14 iterations of Fancy Dinner Club, we would be running out of places to go. That couldn’t be further from the truth. One thing…

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FDC #12: The Strip Club

I spent about the last month trying to think of some clever intro where it sounded like we went to an actual strip club, but was lacking inspiration. “Something something, a group of guys, something something, dark room, blah blah blah” is basically how it would have gone. Just imagine…

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FDC #11: Coup d’Etat

alt="roasted bone marrow"

I have to admit, I had my doubts about Coup d’Etat. When I go out to eat in Uptown, I typically expect uninventive, overpriced food, music that is too loud for an old codger like me, or just…bad. Coup d’Etat, thankfully, broke the mold and cranked the om nom meter up to 11. Even…

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