FDC #20: The Kenwood

alt="kenwood breadpudding"

Memory is a funny thing. Turns out that when you experience something, if you don’t write down your thoughts or really think about that experience at all for a while, you eventually start to have a hard time remembering what your experience was like. This brings us to The Kenwood.…

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FDC #17: Lyn 65

alt="fancy dinner club"

There must be some sort of magic created by adding a two digit number to the end of your restaurant name. Rincón 38 provided the whole inspiration for FDC, and our trip to Victory 44 gave us a great meal as well (and bread!). As the numbers increased and definitely had…

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FDC #16: Victory 44

Well, dear readers, we’ve finally made it. While we may have been operating under the guise of a couple of friends who like eating fancy food and writing unsophisticated reviews about it (okay, that’s still exactly who we are), we at Fancy Dinner Club have really been about one thing…

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FDC #14: Heyday

Our September 2014 FDC meeting brought us to Heyday, a dirty old laundromat that was converted into a clean new restaurant. You would think that after 14 iterations of Fancy Dinner Club, we would be running out of places to go. That couldn’t be further from the truth. One thing…

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