Dish O’ The Week: Corned Beef Hash at Northern Coffeeworks

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The recipe for the best breakfast: throw a bunch of shit in a pan, mix it together and dump it on a plate. Who fights me on that? I’ll eat your Eggs Benny, but be honest, have you ever had one that didn’t leave you feeling at least a little disappointed? I love me some pancakes, and if I want something that hits one note and hits it hard, sure. But unless I frickin NEED carbs… so hard to justify. But that’s the beauty of a hash: eggs, veggies, meat, potatoes, herbs, and possibly more, all thrown together in a melting pot of flavor. And friends, I found a real stunner at Northern Coffeeworks. Not only can NC serve you a real hipster drip (with a mug and mini carafe on a thrift store tray), but they also have a solid brunch menu! Their hash comes with scrambled eggs, corned beef, carrots, potatoes, sauerkraut, and dill. So for real — if you wanna celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but you also want to brunch — get to Northern Coffeeworks!

Everything was beautifully cooked. What should be tender, like the beef, was tender. What should still have some crunch, like the carrots, had some crunch. But I want to give a special shout out to the scrambled eggs. I always ask for my eggs scrambled, even at a place that I know for a fact will overcook them into a spongy, chewy mess. Even with a dish that would be vastly improved by a runny yolk, I still tell the chef to scramble them the fuck up. This video gets me hot and bothered. If I think the kitchen will take the message, I modify it to a soft scramble. But even then, nine times out of ten I get sponge. So major props to NC for pimping this hash with delectably soft and creamy eggs. They don’t even provide the option — it’s on the menu as “scrambled egg” because they know. They fucking know! Did Northern Coffeeworks just become my favorite breakfast spot in town? I didn’t start the week thinking that would happen, but I may just end it that way.

Happy St. Patty’s, losers!