Dish of the Week: Beef Skewer Rice Bowl

This is a surprise, even for me. The best thing I ate this week was the beef skewer rice bowl at the Andrew Zimmern Canteen at Target Field. I visit Target Field every year, and most of the food there is… minor league. There are gems if you’re willing to seek them out, but you come to the game for the good (2015) bad (2016) good (2017) bad (2018) baseball team (#diehard #lifelongfan), and the myriad selection of big-city-prices local beer. So color me surprised that in a week’s worth of eating, this slugger is the MVP. Nobody goes to baseball games for the rice bowl, but this feel-good-story knocked it out of the park. The spiced chickpeas were roasted and crunchy, providing a great texture balance to beef medallions more tender than they had any right to be. (Next door to the AZ Canteen is a bar that proudly sells novelty bloodies that come with a full meal on a stir stick — Target Field is not a place you go for tender cooked meat.) Plus, a fresh salad of cukes, tomato, and an FDC All-Star, microgreens… finished with some tzatziki sauce?! Oofta! This bowl’s got the whole bullpen! I topped it with some bright green jalapeno sauce that they offered on the side, and together this thing was a tender, crunchy, tangy, spicy, soft, bright, and balanced can of corn!* This knuckleballer is a winner even when the Twins are not (66 out of 127 times this summer — but who’s counting?)

If You Go: Section 114. (There are also eight places to get mini donuts: 109, 118, 120, 126, 134, 305, 319, 323. FYI.)


*Not an actual can of corn.