Dish of the Week: Con Uovo

“You love eggs on pizza,” Matt said after I casually suggested we order the Con Uovo at Pizza Nea. Yeah, ok. Oh no, you got me! I was also a little hungover, and wanted some eggs. Sue me. (I’m a lawyer now, so GOOD LUCK!) Pizza “Always a Bridesmaid” Nea has been around for sixteen years. I had of course heard of it, but never made it a first choice option. This town is swimming in must-have pizza places, especially new-ish places, and Pizza Nea is kinda old news. But damn! Talk about a Nea-jerk reaction! (#heyo) I’m not sleeping on Nea anymore. Arriving at our table, the Con Uovo was, first, just gorgeous to look at. I mean, scroll up and see for yourself. The uovo was cracked into the center of the pie and spread like a starburst towards the edges, flanked by crispy pancetta and a crust that was browned without being burnt. Eating it was simply a pleasure cruise in umami. The orgy of flavors and textures in my mouth made me so, so happy — and what hangover? The egg had that fullness that makes eggs great, and the yolk was still runny. The pancetta, salty and smokey. The crust, firm all the way to the center (even with the weight of a runny egg!) but not at all hard or crispy. Plus, there was enough plain crust at the edge to sop up all the yolk that wanted to hang out on the plate instead of in my mouth. That ‘za is a masterpiece, but don’t just take my word for it — feast on this egg porn!

This sexy little number is available all day every day. Go get it!