Dish of the Week: Iron Door Doughnut Holes

We joke at FDC that more is more (as opposed to less is more #explainingjokes). I used that once to convince the guys to forget how full they were and indulge my desire for, well, more. And it stuck. There’s always more room in my stomach¬†somewhere, except when it comes to dessert. I don’t have a sweet tooth. I like the occassional chocolate cake, or apple crisp, but generally I scoff at serves who say, “Leave room for dessert.” Nah, I’m good. This week, though, dessert gets its due from me.

My favorite desserts tend to combine two not so dessert-y things: bread and dark chocolate. As you can see above, Iron Door Pub brings that in spades. Iron Door is a thoroughly generic sports bar. There’s no reason it should have good food, yet its website claim of “Great Beers, Better Food,” is actually legit. Their beer list is craft-heavy and constantly changing, and as far as I can tell they have a fully scratch kitchen. I have enjoyed their blackened buffalo wings (sauced, then flash grilled so it’s buffalo-flavored without the stain on your fingies), their mac and cheese, and even the house made chex mix. But nothing more so than “doughnut holes” as big as your fist, with chocolate ganache on the side, and dusted with espresso sugar. The holes come out hot — literally steaming — and are so airy inside that it doesn’t even feel like you’re eating doughnuts. They have the inner consistency of a popover, slightly underdone and doughy. The ganache is just stupid good. There’s always more left after the holes are gone, and I have been known to just scoop it with my finger. Why not a spoon? I’m already shamelessly eating leftover chocolate — does it really matter how I do it? For convincing me that not only can I love dessert, but I can do it at a sports bar, these doughnut holes are FDC’s Dish of the Week.