Dish of the Week: Penny’s Ham & Gruyere Crepe

Want to know what we’re eating? See a pic on our Instagram that you want to know more about? Every week, we’ll pick one thing we ate, tell you where we ate it, and why it was our favorite dish of the week. The Twin Cities have so much good food, and we want all of you to know what, where, and why.

This week, the best thing we ate was the Ham & Gruyere Crepe at Penny’s Coffee.


Wow! Matt went to Penny’s a month ago but forgot to tell his friends about this masterpiece. I had heard great things about Penny’s crepes, and boy oh boy did it live up to the hype. Ham and cheese is a classic combo, and the ham was tender, the cheese runny but not goopy, the mayo delectably salty and fatty. I’m sure they sourced their ingredients from high quality suppliers, but honestly, they could have gone shopping at the local dumpster and I wouldn’t have noticed. Because my god that crepe. It was so soft. I’ve had crepes in my life, and they have been good — some even great. I thought I knew all a crepe could be, but I was NOT prepared for this wizardry. There is some new tech in the crepe world, and Penny’s has got it. I don’t know what they did, or how, but what I ate was a cloud. I ate a cloud made of bread. I ate the inside of a bread marshmallow. As you can see by my computer peeking in the background, I tried to focus on my work, but the only thing in my head was “crepe crepe crepe crepecrepecrepe crepe.”

Everything was well-considered, even the side salad. Simple greens simply dressed, but they tossed in some of the herbs presumably used for their Jian Bing crepe and it became the perfect complement — bright and bold enough to reset my tastebuds for more of that exquisite crepe. You’ll also notice that packet of Señor Tapatillo’s famous hot sauce. First of all, I didn’t know the señor came in packet form. That’s exciting. Second, it feels appropriately bougie for the practically Lululemon-sponsored Penny’s to go with Tapatillo packets (and Cholula, if I remember) over the more common Tabasco/Frank’s Red Hot. Regardless, I never opened it. The crepe was just too damn good on its own. Instead of, “This needs hot sauce,” all I was thinking was, “crepecrepecrepecrepecrepecrepe… crepe.” Do yourself a favor and crepe it up soon.