Dish of the Week: Republic Fries

Let’s talk about fries, children. I’ve had them in all types: French, curly, home, shoestring, “chips,” crinkle cut, steak cut, waffle. I’ve had them with ketchup, mayo, barbecue sauce, yum yum sauce, ranch dressing, smothered in chili, smothered in cheese, smothered in chili AND cheese, dipped in a milkshake. I’ve had sweet potatoes and regular potatoes, potatoes hashed and browned, jojoed, as wedges, as tots, as those creepy frozen smiley faces. However you can cut up and dress up a potato, I’ve had it. So kids, believe when I say that Republic has some of the best fries in the biz. It is worth the trip to Seven Corners just for a bowl of those five dollar (three on happy hour!) taters. From what I can gather, there’s nothing particularly revolutionary about their methods. I spose I could be convinced that they use pre-cut frozen potatoes, but they for sure freshly cut their potatoes in-house, which helps. They don’t have that certain trendy taste of duck fat, so they likely get that classic canola oil treatment. What makes them so special? For one, they have a perfectly crispy outside and soft inside. I mean, these spuds are fried perfect to the second. The dipping sauces are legit: a homemade aioli and a homemade ketchup that tends to go untouched by everyone else at the table (more for me!). They’re also well seasoned: just some salt, pepper, cocaine, and a dash of… cocaine. Ohhhh, I think I solved it. It’s maybe the cocaine. (Just kidding, government.) Whatever it is, you just have to go try it for yourself.

If you go: Republic is located at Seven Corners, off 35W and Washington Ave. The fries are $5 regular price, and $3 on happy hour: 4-6pm and 10pm-1am. They also have a stellar beer list.