Dish of the Week: Rise Bagel

Recently, we ran a taste test in conjunction with TC Jewfolk to determine the best bagel in the Twin Cities. We scored bagels from seven places based on look, crust, chew, taste, and other intangibles. This town has a glut of good bagel shops, which made it tough to find a winner. But after the votes were tallied, we had a clear winner: Rise! Read an excerpt below and head to TC Jewfolk for the full rankings:

“The best bagel place in the Twin Cities! We loved the taste of both bagels we ordered, and their everything bagel with scallion cream cheese actually beat out Meyvn’s plain as top individual bagel. We loved how Rise’s bake got a Maillard reaction, giving the bagel’s underside a crunchy, almost caramelized flavor. Maybe not a purist’s ideal, but it packed a ton of flavor without detracting from anything. Both bagels had a nearly flawless crust-to-chew ratio, earning top marks in both categories. Plus, they looked enticing — golden brown, with the everything seasoning spread evenly and deliberately over the whole top half of the bagel. Two nearly perfect bagels give Rise the title.”