Dish of the Week: Sushi Bowl at Sushi Takatsu

Tucked into a sad, sterilized hallway in downtown Minneapolis, is a gem of a skyway lunch spot. This is a place that, 23 hours a day, you don’t find unless you’re looking for it. It would make a great rendezvous point for all your drug deals and spy shit. In fact, I didn’t actually see the shop until I was right in front of it — I saw the line first. Down the hall. Almost around the corner. It’s one of those twenty-minute lines that actually takes five, because Sushi Takatsu has this down to a science. It also doesn’t hurt that everyone wants the same thing: the $7 sushi bowl with a side of miso soup. A $7 lunch in the skyway is like a Snow Day in the 90s. It doesn’t exist. (Kids these days #amirite) Or if it does, it’s not what I would call “food.” This checks all the boxes, though. It is, in fact, $7 (plus tax). It is food. (And the food even tastes good!) It’s all the ingredients of a solid grocery store sushi roll, piled into a to-go bowl for you to mix together:

It’s got tuna and salmon. Is it the most tender tuna or buttery salmon? No. It’s got that addicting sriracha mayo that comes standard at every grocery sushi counter. Is it a better version? Not particularly. It’s got sticky rice. Is it… anything other than rice? Nope! It’s just rice! What it all is, though, is a damn tasty bowl of food that’s way better than the $7 they charge for it. And judging by the line and the stacks of sushi bowls ready to go behind the counter, I’m clearly not the first person to come to this conclusion. This lunch is not worth making a special trip downtown to get, but if you’re like one of the approximately eight million people I slalom around each lunch hour, it’s worth discovering.