Dish of the Week: The Southside

World Street Kitchen has been a staple in my rotation for a while. I love their rice bowls, and the red curry chicken burrito is the best mashup this side of Cooking By the Book. I had never been for brunch, though, and an out-of-town friend wanting the board-certified FDC experience? Sounds like the perfect excuse to me! We split three things: the Southside off the brunch menu, and the MFC Biscuit Sandwich and Brussels sprouts off the everyday menu. My love of bsprouts is well-documented on these pages — and they were great — but WSK knocks it out of the park with the Southside. My general preference for brunch: put a bunch of shit in a pan, mix it all together, then dump it on a plate. As you can see from the photo, that’s more or less the Southside. Basil, on top of lamb belly, on top of secret sauce, on top of two basted eggs, on top of cheesy hash browns (on top of a plate, on top of a table, on top of spagheeeettttti, all covered with cheese). The lamb was insane — melt in your mouth tender, with crispy caramelized edges.If I could cook like that, I wouldn’t leave my house… except to go to the grocery store to buy more lamb belly. They were perfect little bites, too. Big enough to eat on their own (with the flavor to match), but small enough to create a perfect lil bitesky of some hashbbs, eggies, and more. The eggs were a touch overdone, but they still ran a bit, and it really didn’t matter because everything played so nicely together. The basil kept it from feeling too heavy, and– I feel like I’m writing to convince you, dear reader, to go eat this. At the end of the day, it’s bacon, eggs, and hash browns, dolled up with a bit of technique. It’s good. Really good. Just go eat it.