Dish of the Week: Tom Yum Soup

There are a handful of entree-billed dishes that I hate getting as an entree: pancakes, salad, grilled cheese sandwiches, and soup. Not that these things aren’t great. (Except for the grilled cheese. Why would I ever get a grilled cheese at a restaurant, at least one that’s not a grilled cheese restaurant? The only way is if there’s a bunch of other stuff in that sandwich to make it exciting. But at that point it’s just a sandwich with cheese, so what are we even doing here?)

Where were we? Oh, not NOT great — I just usually leave that meal wishing I had had something… more. I want to be able to say I ate somewhere, and getting soup feels like 70% of the experience.

But every once in a while, the weather is colder than I want it to be, my stomach isn’t being as friendly as I want it to, I want the youth-affirming experience of bringing a spoonful of liquid to my mouth without spilling — that soup just sounds really good. So it was at Soberfish recently that I ordered the Tom Yum soup. Turns out I had never had Tom Yum soup before, because I was not prepared for the delightful sourness that turned this soup into a 100% experience. Lots of lime, lemongrass and shrooms pump this soup full of flavor, yet it’s also light and clean and easy to down. The mark of a good dish is always one that I would have trouble making at home, and this fits the bill. I don’t even like those big ass squirmy mushrooms, which was, conservatively, 110% of the ingredients, but I would happily order this soup again.

OK, off to get pancakes.