Dish of the Week: Wise Acre CSA Hash

I love this dish so much. Like the Southside last week, Wise Acre’s CSA hash is my breakfast kryptonite. It has everything I want and nothing I don’t: Eggs. Potatoes. Veggies. Meat. Cornbread. Sauce. There’s even what looks like a thin layer of broth at the bottom of the bowl to catch all the flavors that didn’t make it to my mouth, and save them for tastebud posterity. Wise Acre explicitly touts its Farm to Table (F2T) bonafides, and even for an avowed F2T restaurant, a “CSA Hash” changes the game. Wise Acre has other aggressively F2T dishes, but this really screamed: “Here’s what came in today.” Nothing here stars except for maybe the farm itself. The colorful and fresh produce practically jumps out of the bowl like it’s in fucking La La Land. This week I counted kale, carrots, purple cabbage, potatoes, some rando stems, and everyone’s favorite — microgreens! All the veggies blended with each other, creating tons of texture and flavor. The eggs — Wise Acre knows how to scramble some eggs, and for that I will always be grateful. The cornbread and cottage ham, while excellent, I think are there just to convince people like my dad that, hey, it’s a dish for you, too. (“So it’s like just… eggs and leaves? And some cooked carrots? Hard pass. Oh wait, there’s cornbread and ham?” OK — my dad would pass on that, too, but that’s more on him for not liking ham.) This dish is filling, it’s colorful, it’s healthy (healthyish?), it’s 100% F2T, and light enough to not immediately make you regret crawling out of bed. In short: it’s the perfect breakfast, and an obvious dish of the week.