Dish of the Week: Wood Fired Mushrooms at Fig + Farro

If you would’ve told me when we started FDC that a plate of Mushrooms would be the best thing I ate this week, I would’ve burned you alive. Mainly because you can predict the future and, thus, are a witch. But also because I wasn’t the kind of guy who liked mushrooms. I had gotten past their bouncy texture to the stage of, “Sure, I’ll eat them if they’re there,” but you know, mixed in with other stuff. However, Fig + Farro‘s wood fired shrooms could make a convert out of anybody. I still would not have ordered them had it not been Mother’s Day and my mother suggesting we get them, so thanks Mom! “Mushroom Enabler” is now on the long list of reasons I’m thankful for you.

The campfire smell hit me as soon as the shrooms landed on the table, and they tasted the same. Why are mushrooms good? Honestly, I don’t know. Done wrong they taste like dirt and butt — and feel like biting a sponge. But done right and it’s this: smokey and buttery and just a tad sweet, almost melting in my mouth. I even surprised myself when I punched my dad in the face and screamed through a mouthful of mushrooms, “NO! They’re mine!!” OK, obviously that didn’t happen — my dad was too preoccupied dreaming about McDonald’s — but it sure felt that way. For real, these shrooms are stupid good.