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FDC #2: Butcher & The Boar

Meeting #2 took place at Butcher & the Boar. It was the obvious choice. Drew and I had both wanted to go for a while, but I had heard mixed reviews. And of the only people who would previously go to fancy dinners with me, my mom doesn’t eat pork and my dad was underwhelmed during his first and only visit. He’s an idiot. (Hi Dad!)

We ordered the stuffed jalapeños for an appetizer. They were amazing. I can’t remember now whether I liked the stuffing or the jalapeño better, and the bartender (we ate at the bar, because the place was packed at 7:30 on a Monday night) told me what was in the stuffing, but I forgot. I want to say peanut butter and cream cheese, but that sounds weird. Whatever, I’d eat those all day.

Then we ordered their sausage sampler platter, and the two of us stuffed our mouths with three big meaty sausages like it was our job. Some people have that job and I’m jealous—of food critics, I mean. The beef sausage came with BBQ sauce, the pork with gooey cheddar, and the boar with mustard. We had different favorites—I believe I liked the boar/mustard combo the best, but I don’t remember, and it’s splitting hairs.

For sides we got cornbread (#delicious) (#duh), and the cauliflower. We were going to turn ordering cauliflower into a Fancy Dinner Club tradition, but the cauliflower turned out to be the least exciting thing we ate so we 86ed that plan. Whatever. I would eat Butcher & the Boar until I literally died of liver failure, or kidney failure, or whatever it is you die from when you eat too much sausage and cornbread. Drew paid $30 for a $25 gift card at a silent auction just so he’d have an excuse to go back.

Also, their taps had been taken over by Clown Shoes Brewery and Brash Brewing, two breweries from Ipswich, MA. I was initially disappointed because their awesome tap list was one of the reasons I was so excited to try the place, but I gotta hand it to the folks from Ipswitch—they come up with some excellent brew names. Major props to Clown Shoes, especially, for Crunkle Sam, Genghis Pecan, Blaecorn Unidragon, and my sentimental favorite: Galactica. (On further research, it looks like the name of that Double IPA has more to do with its galaxy hops than any affinity for cylons and battlestars, but no regrets.) They’re also pretty damn tasty.

I also took pictures this time.