FDC #35 Restaurant Alma (you deserved better)

FDC #35 – Restaurant Alma

This short review is basically one long apology. I’m sorry, Alma. You deserve better. We visited you in JUNE, with a very special guest; and now, almost six months later, after you closed for renovations, changed and expanded the entire scope of your concept, then reopened to the public, we’re getting out this review. I guess what I’m saying is: DREW, WE NEED YOU BACK!

Anyway, four of us had a fantastic dinner: Matt, The J, Bradley, and former Alma cook/current Lyn 65 chef Ben Rients. Chris was sick, so I took a bunch of photos of the bathroom for him to do everyone’s* favorite segment (Fancy Bathroom Chris) remotely; but in the ensuing months my phone died, and Snowden has scared me into not syncing my data with the cloud, so I lost them all. A big, big loss for our readers.

* Jane’s

As for Alma, Ben gave us a lot of great insight into Alma’s philosophy and methods. For instance, each of these dishes tells a story, individually and collectively:


Don’t you wish you knew what that story is? Yeah, me too. I can promise our meal was more satisfying with that knowledge. The one dish I remember is the orecchiette with lamb sausage–not so much for how remarkable it was, but how largely unremarkable it was. It felt like a dish my mom could’ve made for dinner when I was a kid; but thinking about the technique and finesse required to reach the finished product was anything but. It was simple, clean, and especially for a sausage pasta dish surprisingly light.


As you can see from the wider table shot above, we also ate other things. Like a flan something. Some asparagus with… prosciutto? Corned beef? Why is that picture upside-down when I click on it? DID WE EAT IN SPACE? Anyway, we all agreed that it was one of our better FDC meals. We’ll certainly return, and maybe next time take better notes.