FDC #37 Coup D’etat Brunch (and lessons in overeating)

It’s been a few months since our inaugural Fancy Brunch Club meeting, our apologies to Coup D’etat for the delay in posting our review of Chef Tommy Begnaud’s Cajun inspired brunch masterpiece. We just needed some time to recover.

First, I need to say a Cajun food brunch is always a great idea, and for $20 per person (+$10 for bottomless mimosas) you get access to a giant, all you can eat buffet of Cajun offerings like andouille sausage, biscuits and gravy, fried chicken, crawfish etouffee and standard brunch fare like smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, bacon, salad, yogurt,  French toast, pasta salad, grilled veggies, breakfast potatoes and a load of dessert options as well as Chef Tommy’s unbelievably juicy, smoky and all around meat perfection smoked beef brisket.  Everything was fantastic, seriously, on its own, each dish was incredibly tasty, which led to some major problems……

Brunch at Coup D’etat was fun, until it wasn’t….

As a rule for Fancy Dinner(Brunch) Club, you have to try everything, this got us into a lot of trouble. As you can see by the list above, there was copious amounts of food to try, we did not plan our meal strategy wisely.

We each started with a large plate of mostly Cajun offerings, which was amazing, we couldn’t shut up about how good the brisket was, how much flavor the gravy had, how these biscuits compared to other biscuits we’ve eaten over the years (thanks Chris) and what we wanted seconds of.

HUGE MISTAKE! Our stomachs (except for Bradley’s) felt like the sarlacc pit.


On a food note, the smoked brisket was as good as I’ve eaten anywhere, and I’ve had a LOT of brisket over the years. This brisket was extra juicy, had a thick crust all the way around it and found the perfect balance of smoke and sweet to keep you coming back for more, long after your body tells you to stop eating. Other highlights include the crawfish etouffee (we confused it with jambalaya, because as Minnesotan’s, we didn’t know any better) which when served over white rice makes you want to immediately fly to New Orleans, the andouille sausage (because it’s the best sausage), the French toast was simple, yet unique and super tasty and the mini pudding dessert cup things (I have no clue what it was, but we all loved them) oh, and the biscuits and gravy (obviously).

The amount of food a normal person would eat, for FBC, plate 1/4

If you’re a fan of Cajun food, brunch buffets, bottomless mimosas or all three, Coup D’etat’s brunch is the place for you.

Just don’t go overboard, you can always come back for brunch another day to continue trying whatever Chef Tommy decides to whip up and you’ll be happy you did.