FDC #4: The Bachelor Farmer

This blog is really making an impact, you guys. Chris joined us for Meeting #4 because he saw the posts for the first three meetings and wanted in. Wondering how you can get in on this? Easy. Just be close friends with Drew, Matt and me (and now Chris), and wait for a month when one of us can’t make it. We’re capping our club meetings at four to keep it easy and flexible, but if you want to start your own Fancy Dinner Club with your friends, we’ll take guest posts. Let’s start a movement!

Anyway, back to the issue at hand. This blog is making an impact. On my fellow club members specifically. Drew said something funny at dinner and Matt goes, “Put that in the blog!” Chris, the least adventurous eater of the bunch, said something hilariously naïve, and Drew goes, “Put that in the blog!” Conversation turned to the different business models of Facebook and Twitter and my close friends suggested we make this blog one that sells your information to corporations for profit.

LISTEN! Drew, Matt—you guys have the password to this blog. If you want to write something, go ahead. Chris, I’ll give you the password too if you want. But for now, I’m the one writing and we do things my way. I say something about the food, something about the beer, and then we all get on with our day. Kapisch?

I’m sorry. You all came here to read about The Bachelor Farmer, and I came here to write about The Bachelor Farmer, so let’s talk about The Bachelor Farmer—or as it says on their specially made wine glasses “TBF”.

Our reservation at TBF was for 6pm, which was fortuitous because they had six special pork chops that night left over from something they did the day before (the waitress kind of mumbled what it was), and two were already gone. We had her save one for our table and within a minute the rest were gone.

Like always for Fancy Dinner Club, we ordered everything to share at TBF. We got a pork belly appetizer that came with butternut squash, and apples, and other things that are delicious. They have a whole section on their menu for toast and things to put on toast. We got two. This: Fresh cow’s milk cheese, lacinato kale, pistachios, apples, Chioggia beets; and duck rillettes with beets and other things. For entrees we got that pork chop and some pheasant meatballs. And finally a side of fried Brussels sprouts with bacon and cranberries. What?! I want to back to TBF immediately and eat it all again.

It was all so good. Even the plain toast was some delicious sourdough wheat deal that was toasted perfectly. We got extra and I ate a slice just plain. For the first round we unanimously agreed that the cow’s milk cheese toast was the best. Then the entrees came and the pork chop was the biggest chop we’ve ever seen. Not only that, but as Drew said, “Pork chops just aren’t supposed to be this good.”

Drew’s TBF favorite was the pork chop, I don’t know what Chris and Matt settled on, but I liked the toast the best. We all liked it so much that we decided to order another round of that toast instead of dessert. You probably don’t care, but it was a completely different eating experience the second time around. The first time we had it, as an appetizer, it was whetting our palates for the rest of the fantastic TBF meal to come. The second time, after we’d finished, the anticipation was gone and this was supposed to be the culmination. As a culmination of the meal, we wouldn’t make that choice again. But I still say it was the best thing I ate all night.

Oh yeah, and their beer list was boring—no fancy beers on the list. But the TBF wine list was extensive so I got a cabernet and didn’t complain.