FDC #43 Esker Grove

In true modern art fashion, i will provide you with images and no context to figure out what you’re looking at, good luck.

#1: Let’s start off with an easy one. Bonus points for getting the type correct.


#3: Winning friends
#4: Is it spam?
#5: Your guess is as good as mine
#6: Never has grey/brown goop tasted so good
#7: We did not eat thumb
#8: Not well done, not covered in ketchup
#9: Skid marks and all

Edible art is the best kind of art. If everything in the Walker was edible, i’d actually visit the museum from time to time. Now let’s see how you did…..


  1. Triangle bread (duh) One’s dark and one’s not, that’s all I’ve got for you.
  2. Chestnut soup poured over brussel sprouts, grain mustard and bone marrow. (The only way you got this correct is by cheating, so well done!)
  3.  Endive & farro salad with blue cheese, smoked honey (that’s a thing!) and vinaigrette.
  4. Heirloom pork terrine with fermented veggies, crab apple and rye, AKA fancy and delicious SPAM.
  5. See #1, just this time it’s round!
  6. Cauliflower, yes an entire head of cauliflower that was not cut up. Included puffed wild rice, onion puree (grey goop!) and mushroom paste (more goop!)
  7. Capon with pain de chestnut and artichoke jus. If you’re wondering what capon is, I googled it for you. According to that search it’s “a castrated domestic cock fattened for eating.” It was delicious. Bonus point if you got Chris’s thumb.
  8. Lamb shoulder with a honey glaze, wheat berries and apple puree.
  9. I do not remember what the wonderful dessert was, but it was super good.

So how’d you do? If you were able to actually get more than the bread correct, you know your stuff! Your prize is the ability to brag about how well you know what food looks like, congrats!

Ultimately, Esker Grover was as good as we expected it to be. The flavor combinations were unique in true Doug Flicker fashion and surprisingly, the portion sizes were very large which made sharing super easy, We all agreed that the cauliflower dish was one of if not the best vegetable centered dishes we’ve ever had.  Other highlights include the chestnut soup, it was perfect on a cold winter day with it’s creamy and comforting flavors which were truly emphasized with the bits in the bottom of the bowl. The lamb was also fantastic. It was incredibly tender and full of earthy flavors and wheat berries (why are they called berries) added a great crunch to the dish.

I can say with full confidence, Esker Grove is my favorite thing inside the Walker Art Museum.