FDC #6: Cavé Vin

This happened over two months ago. Since then this blog has been updated twice with FDC Supplemental posts by Drew. We’ve also gotten such reviews as, “What do you think of Brad’s new zero words writing style?” courtesy of Drew. “You are not a non-profit. I will not donate to you,” from New New Matt. And, “This is really great blog, keep up all the hard work,” from someone who is definitely not me.

Speaking of New New Matt (Jane White for those non-loyal readers), she joined Bradley, Drew and Chris for Meeting #6, in place of Old Old Jane who had a meeting with his landlord or something. It’s been two months; I don’t really remember the reason. We went to Cavé Vin, which until we went I only knew as, ‘that cute café next to Pizzeria Lola.’ But let me tell you, it’s a lot more than a cute, overshadowed café.

Cavé Vin, or Wine Cave in Franceish, does Franceish food really well. I automatically dock points off any restaurant in America that charges for a bread basket, which Wine Cave does, but it was two dollars split among four people and it was theoretically unlimited. (More on that in a minute.) So I swallowed my pride and chipped in $0.50 for bread. We also got mussels in a shallot and white wine sauce. These would’ve been amazing had we not just been to W.A. Frost and had their mind-blowing green curry mussels.

For entrees we split, as is custom, a rack of lamb, arctic char, and steak frites. The arctic char was delicious and came with a carrot and spinach risotto that was equally delicious. The steak frites were… good. Yeah, I don’t really remember. Get off my back, h8rs.

For dessert we split a pot of crème.


But there were two vitally important developments to come out of Meeting #6. First, seriously, how hard is it to refill a bread basket? Can you give your answer to our waitress? There were maybe three occupied tables in the restaurant, two waiters, and one bread basket on our table that never got refilled. We had a white wine and shallot sauce that was just screaming to be lopped up with bread, but it took eight hundred thousand minutes for the waitress to: 1) Even notice us, 2) Hear our request for more bread, and 3) replenish our “unlimited” $2 bread. At one point she tried to take away our sauce-filled bowl before we could ask her for more bread because we clearly weren’t done. I’m all for service that doesn’t smother you and lets you enjoy your meal, but when I have to pay for my goddamn bottomless bread basket, you better be on that shit like a hawk. Seriously.

I can forgive her, and the restaurant, though, because it’s pretty tough to find good staff in this terrible Obamanomy—this Obameconomy… this Econobamomy; this Oconobamamy <> this Oconobamonomy. Try it. Make us a portmanteau of “Obama” and “Economy,” the most important portmanteau of our generation. If you can make one we like, we’ll feature you, and it in an upcoming Fancy Dinner Club blog.

Drew’s Notes: I was excited about this place because the owner and chef was a Michigan State alum. When I told the waitress to tell the chef “Go Green” from me, she gave me one of those I-am-trying-to-be-smiley-but-have-no-idea-what-you’re-talking-about kind of looks. Some serious lack of training here. But I guess there’s only so much you can afford to do in this Obaecomonyma. Clearly this was the cause of MSU’s Elite 8 loss to UConn several months down the road.