FDC Supplemental #1

I ended up eating lots of fancy meals with the various members of my duplex this month to pre-game for FDC #6 on Tuesday. Some of the highlights:

  • Bar La Grassa: Tied for most decadent things I’ve ever eaten are a lobster and scrambled egg bruschetta, and a cauliflower and orange zest gnocchi. Both were delicious. Do not recommend eating both in one night.
  • Marin: Brad and I went here because Butcher and the Boar was full and it was really cold outside. But it turned out to be delicious! Smoked chicken flatbread was the highlight.
  • Butcher and the Boar: Y’all can’t stop me, I came here anyways. This place is seriously unreal. I’ve tried about a third of the menu and everything has been amazing. Out of anything, get the Brussels Sprouts.


  • Honorable Mention, Blue Door Pub: While not super fancy, I did get a burger stuffed with peanut butter, bacon, mayo, and p jack that deserves some love.

Happy Food Eating!