FDC Supplemental #10: First Course, Kate’s first FDC Experience

Kate (Matt’s wife), I’m sorry. I know how tough the last two years have been, watching your husband and his friends eat at so many delicious places around town. I know it’s been hard not being invited, driving you to Chipotle to try and fill the void of not being included in our “exclusive” club. I wanted to make it up to you, I wanted to give you a “Fancy Dinner Club experience,” but I failed.

First Course had so much promise, a neighborhood bistro that cooks seasonal American cuisine. It sounded like something you would thoroughly enjoy, and I was excited for us to have our first “FDC Supplemental” experience together.

I should’ve known better, the place was nearly empty, inside and out, on a Friday evening, but I went ahead with sitting down anyways.

Things seemed to be looking up when we saw the menu. Fresh seasonal dishes, lots of seafood, and in season produce. It got us excited, remember?

You love fried calamari, and seeing that it came on a bed of arugula with roasted sweet peppers and saffron aioli–that seemed like something you would create if you could make your perfect dish! The mussels in red curry sauce came highly recommended from our server; the night was looking up.

How quickly the promise of the menu faded. Overcooked seafood will do that.

But we still had the main dish! The meal could still turn around! That hanger steak special in a red wine sauce with roasted asparagus and potatoes sounded like the perfect complement to our seafood apps.

So much promise…..

How could I have predicted the steak would come out nearly raw, even cold? I had no idea it would anger the chef to the point of re-using the sauce to recook the same meat and then put it back on our plate in a runny, broken brown mess! Overcooking the asparagus was unforgivable. I know how much you love asparagus, and I’ll never forgive the chef for that.

Raw steak, overcooked seafood

Kate, I’m sorry for the disappointing “FDC experience.” If it makes you feel any better, the food didn’t live up to my expectations either. I hope the ice cream from Grand Ole Creamery helped ease the disappointment of First Course, I promise to do a real supplemental soon!