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FDC Supplemental #2: Unfancy Breakfast Solo Spirit Journey


On the morn of FDC #8 (we’ll catch up eventually, I swear), I decided to balance out the fancy meal this evening at 112 Eatery by sampling Taco Bell’s new breakfast menu. Right off the bat, points for being open for breakfast until 11am, because I was still in bed at 10:40am. Good on you, T Bell. Here’s what I tried:

  • A.M. Crunchwrap: T Bell has been talking this thing up a lot, and they really nailed it. It is so chock-full of breakfast goodness your head might explode. The hashbrowns were crispy. The eggs fluffy. The cheese was…there. The bacon more real than any protein Taco Bell has ever put in food. And then there’s this wacky sauce with ingredients that, similar to most of T Bell’s other sauces, should probably be kept a secret. I rate the A.M. Crunchwrap 4 out of 4 om noms.
  • Cinnabon® Delights™: With a name sporting that many superscript letters, T Bell was pretty confident in this one. I myself was pretty skeptical, but these little guys were pretty tasty. For the Minnesota readers, imagine a Juicy Lucy, but instead of a burger patty, you have a sugar coated ball of dough, and instead of cheese you have some molten icing that will without a doubt spray everywhere when you take a bite. 3 out of 4 om noms.
  • Bottle of Tropicana orange juice: It was just a bottle of orange juice, but I did drink it all. Then I realized when I got home that there was some sort of Mountain Dew/orange juice concoction I could have ordered, so the bottle of orange juice is rated 0 out of 4 fulfilled dreams.

The fact that the Minneapolis skyway’s T Bells have been shutdown is now even more of an issue. -9 out of 4 stars for Minneapolis’ current skyway offerings.