FDC Supplemental #3: The Quesarito


There are times when you can’t ignore the signs. My journey towards the quesarito was one of those times. It’s not often that both of your roommates independently send you a Snapchat of the exact same commercial. After the second time receiving this video clip, I hopped in my car, having once again realized I never buy groceries, and headed over to Taco Bell. My decision to try the quesarito at that moment was confirmed by my radio as I pulled into the drive-thru. It was a clear sign of approval from the fast food gods when “Born in the USA” by Bruce Springstein came on as I was about to order. The universe seldom provides such clear validation.

By looking at the picture, it is painfully obvious there is nothing new here. Ol’ T Bell has been peddling endless combinations of tortilla, cheese, sour cream, rice, and meat substance since the dawn of time. But there was something special about the quesarito. Maybe it was the warm blanket of cheese around the edges. Maybe it was the light kiss of the grill on the top and bottom. And maybe it’s because I am an idiot who is a sucker for fire sauce. Regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. It wasn’t quite to the steak quesadilla/AM cruchwrap pantheon of excellence, but the quesarito is a faithful lieutenant in T Bell’s ever-expanding army of rearranged Mexican food raw materials. As such, I give the quesarito 3.5 out of 4 om noms.