FDC Supplemental: European Taste Experience!

Did you know there is a European Taste Experience backed by the European Union? Me either! Even cooler, they have a presence in the US and they wanted yours truly to try some tasty American treats with a French accent and of course our answer was oui!

In this box of seasonal French goodies were pork pate, strawberry lemonade, caramel candies, apricot, orange and almond calisson (french candy jam), mints and sardines. I’m going to grade each item out of quatre (that’s 4 in french, i googled it) ouis.

  1. My absolute favorite item in this fancy french box was the apricot, orange and almond calisson. I had no clue this was a thing, so not only was this candy jam delicious, I learned that a new food existed! Leave it to the French to create something delicious and have an American turn it into breakfast. Sorry not sorry. I absolutely adore this flavor combo, apricot is a vastly underrated fruit in the states and this breakfast dessert jam proudly received 4/4 oui’s
  2. Coming in a surprising second in this box is the pork pate. I’ve grown quite fond of pate over the years since we started FDC but have never ventured into purchasing one to eat at home. This stuff was rich, creamy and the addition of black pepper gave it more depth than I was expecting for something so simple. Nicely done my new French friends, 3.5/4 oui’s.
  3. Showing inthis rankings of the French foods is the strawberry lemonade! Lemonade, such an American staple but I often find it way to sweet so nosurprise I like the French version better. Definitely more of a strawberry taste than a lemonade one, but it didn’t taste artificial and was not overly carbonated, just super refreshing. 3/4 oui’s!
  4. Next up, the l’original CaramBar caramels. I’m not usually a fan of caramel candies (I’m sensing a theme here…) because they tend to be too hard and get stuck in my teeth, which I can’t stand. These little rolls however tasted like pure caramel, started off as a sucking candy and then melted in my mouth, loved it. 3/4 oui’s!
  5. How exciting can mints be? My answer, not very. These things were subtle in flavor, round and hard. As far as mints go, they were pretty good. 2/4 oui’s!
  6. Last and least, sardines. This is something I have yet to develop a taste for. Maybe it stems from childhood trauma of my dad eating cans of these mini fish doused in mustard and then smelling like fishy mustard, but for you loyal readers, I forged ahead and tried them. Shocking myself, I didn’t hate them. These sardines were not in mustard, just some extra virgin olive oil. Simple, salty and yes fishy, these were maybe as good as sardines can be. 2/4 oui’s!

This was a fun one. I got to try some new stuff, learn a few things and will gladly eat any more foods the European Taste Experience wants to send my way!