FDC Supplemental: The bon bon bons of Bon Bon Bon

Sometimes the best way to describe something is with no words at all. That’s what my partner, Kate, and I learned over the last month after sampling a box of chocolates from Detroit-based Bon Bon Bon. I had been following Bon Bon Bon ever since my friend and fellow Michigan state alum, Alexandra Clark, started it in 2014. I was excited that she was joining dozens of other vendors at Emporiyum DC this fall. There were plenty of tasty treats to sample this year, but I was in it for one thing: the bons. Lucky for Kate and I, the ladies of Bon Bon Bon were there to curate us an amazing looking box of chocolates. What follows is our “reviews” of the 10 chocolates we ate:

  • Mustachio (Moscato wine caramel, pistachio gianduja, dark chocolate shell)
    • “It feels like it shouldn’t work, but then it does.”
  • Bumpy (chocolate cake cream, buttercream frosting, dark chocolate shell)
    • After nodding in a approval for a long time – “It’s like a fancy Ho Ho!”
  • S’mores (toasted graham, milk chocolate ganache, brulee marshmallow ganache, milk chocolate shell)
    • “Mmm mhmmmm ooo the creaminess mhm” *head tilts back, gaze to the heavens thanking the universe for its bounty*
  • Cake! (cake ganache, vanilla buttercream frosting, sprinkles, milk chocolate shell)
    • *eye contact and a knowing nod for 5-10 seconds*
  • Lemon Bar None (butter crust, lemon custard ganache, royal icing, white chocolate shell)
    • “Oh my god mm mm mmm mmmm! This touches me. I’m being embraced.”
  • PB & Jam (honey-roasted peanut butter, three berry jam, milk chocolate shell)
    • “Hmm mhm mhm mhm. V rich.”
  • Better Butter Crunch (Detroit’s favorite potato chips, milk chocolate, sea salt, milk chocolate shell)
    • “Ya ya ya ya ya ya ya mmm, how do they stay so crunchy upside down!!”
  • Lou-Berry Butter Muffin (blueberry confiture, muffin buttercream, butter crumble, milk chocolate shell)
    • “God that’s good, mhmmmmm” (that’s the drawn out kind of “mhmmmmmm” where you know you’re eating something rich and delicious)
  • Sticky Bon (cinnamon donut ganache, caramel, toasted pecans, mascarpone drizzle, pearl sugar, milk chocolate shell)
    • “Oh. My. God. OHMYGOD. Gooey caramel up the wazoo.”
  • Strawberry Balsamic (balsamic reduction, strawberry jam, dark chocolate, olive oil ganache, dark chocolate shell)
    • *just a lot of closed eye nodding in silent revelry*

As you can tell, our “reviews” were just a bunches of noises and blasphemy, which I think speaks to the quality of the chocolates better than anything else could. We couldn’t even agree on our favorites, which makes sense because each bite was so different. Some were crunchy, some crumbly, some creamy, all with a texture that complimented the flavor perfectly. Kate chose the Better Butter Crunch and Lemon Bar None as her faves, adding that she quote “would have made love to the lemon bar.” My two favorite were Cake! and Strawberry Balsamic. Those seemed to correspond best with when we were most lost for words. I still don’t understand what “cake ganache” is, but I love it. The Strawberry Balsamic was just so rich and decadent that I feel like my health insurance company is going to charge me extra money for eating it. In other words, it ruled.

One other important component of the chocolates from Bon Bon Bon is that they are super fun to look at. They’re v pretty. Here are some pictures of them that don’t do them justice.

Even the boxes are cute! The lil lemon! The tiny marshmallow! How!

Also, as an aside, their business cards are trading cards, and they even made one for their literal alley cat, Roger. I wish I had a business card that was cool enough to show off instead of dropping en masse at Noodle & Company to try to win a free lunch.

Least favorite food per his trading card: bees

If it wasn’t clear already, Bon Bon Bon slings some dope bons. Everyone should order them. And I promise I’m not being paid to say that (even though that is definitely the FDC way)! I just like supporting great food, friends, and Spartans (or in this case all three). Pick some up ASAP so you too can embrace your inner caveman and non-verbally gesture and grunt in approval at some excellent treats.