FDCDC #6: All Purpose

DC is basically a pizza desert. The main option for pizza in DC is what’s known as jumbo slices. For those not in the know, jumbo slice is basically exactly what it sounds like – a big slice of Sbarro size pizza. The only catch is that every single one of these places is worse than Sbarro, or in other words, horrible. It’s like every NY pizza place that couldn’t hack it in NY moved in a caravan to DC, set up shop, and refused to improve upon their garbage pizza. I stick with Dominoes in these parts. It’s that bad. So when Becky and Nico suggested All Purpose, a pizza place that had recently opened up near the convention center, I was hopeful we’d find a diamond in the rough.

Unfortunately, this meal happened in late September, and it is now February. I apologize, All Purpose. What I can certainly say is that All Purpose has legit pizza, appetizers, and drinks, and I will certainly be going back. In an effort to reconstruct the night, here are the notes I’ve kept in my phone, along with Present Day Drew’s interpretations and interspersed pictures of pizza.

Super cozy and lots of big windows (then again most places seem cozy on a beautiful fall day)

Makes sense.

point for bendy

This one’s a head scratcher. Bendy straws? Flexible wait staff? Trivia question answered correctly by a person nicknamed Bendy? Unknown. But well done on that regardless, All Purpose.

sauce for dipping they kept trying to take away

I know this one! We ordered a meatball appetizer before our fourth member, newcomer Ben, showed up. Side note on Ben before I get to that. Usually I show up to FDC wearing jeans and a moth-eaten undershirt. Props to Ben for sporting a suit when he showed up to dinner. The meatballs though…damn. Really good. Tons of flavor and sitting in a bed of marinara and whipped ricotta. We really tried to keep the leftover sauce to dip our pizza crust, but the All Purpose staff was really aggressive on clearing the plate. After the 10th attempt to clear that delicious sauce away, we finally relented.

Yes, this picture confirms that these were some good meatballs.
We also got these lil balls, apparently.


opinion of bruschetta constantly change

I think this one is best explained by a picture of the bruschetta. It was just really confusing. It had squash and grapes and hazelnut and sage, so there were a lot of competing flavors. It caused many brain ouchies.

A true mystery to this day.

crudt you actually want to eat

I’m guessing I was in a hurry and meant “crust” instead of “crudt”. But the only thing I would have been in a hurry to do was eat pizza, so that speaks to both the crust and the pizza, presumably.

Check dat crudt

looks at picture of menu, wish I had that

I must have written this after we left, looking at a picture of the physical menu, and wanted more pizza. Which makes sense! The notes start trailing off once the pizza arrives in the meal, and I definitely remember being impressed. In conclusion, here’s more pizza. Go eat some.

The veggie pizza – good!
The giardiniera pizza – also good!
Some sort of spicy Hawaiian pizza – also also good!

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