Fancy Dinner Club began in August 2013, when dashing young professionals Bradley and Drew used to drive by Rincon 38 on their way to rec league softball, each time saying, “We should eat there.” After a summer ignoring it in favor of cheaper options like Chipotle, Trader Joe’s mini beef tacos, and the spiciness roulette wheel that was late night Sawatdee Express, they did “eat there” for Drew’s birthday. Somewhere between the Iberico Plate and the Coliflor, they realized that there were too many “fancy” restaurants in this city to not do this more often. Soon enough Matt wanted in, and then Chris, and Fancy Dinner club was fully formed: once a month, we ignore the prices on the menu, and just focus on the food.

Along the way, the excuse of not needing an excuse to eat at a fancy restaurant morphed into the monthly meetings being a way for old friends to stay in touch as we’ve gotten married, gone back to school, had kids, and more. The ever-growing, and ever-better, Twin Cities restaurant scene has also held up its end of the bargain, providing an overwhelming number of amazing options to choose from each month. Along the way we created a blog and social media presence, lost Drew to Washington, D.C., and added The J in his place. Through it all, while our palates have grown more sophisticated, our reason for being has not. Food should be fun, so our reviews come full of gifs, puns, and a healthy dose of Taco Bell. We think that makes food and restaurants more approachable and hope you will too.

We also don’t just eat out once a month! We love trying all the great food the Cities have to offer on a regular basis and want to showcase it all on our blog and social media. If you want to work with us, shoot us an email or slide into our DM’s on Instagram!

Us at one of our first meetings. With the chef, the Hulk, and the ‘stache at Lyn 65.